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Children gardening

Gardening at School Benefits Everyone

There is immense value to a garden or allotment provision in both nursery and school settings. Gardening at school benefits everyone, from pupils to teachers to parents and even the wider community. The set up can be as basic or

High School Students Outdoor Learning

Teacher-led Team Building in a Bag

Arbojo is designed to enable teachers to design and deliver first class team building and problem solving sessions with their own students in their own school grounds and indoor spaces. Each pack consists of a robust carry bag containing more


Funding For Outdoor Learning Spaces

We often hear from schools that they would like to update their outdoor learning spaces, but that they are not sure how to fund it. Therefore, we would like to share a funding idea that may be of interest to


Simple ideas for curriculum-linked teaching outdoors

Below you will find a video we published earlier this year through our SOuL Interactive free video resource channel. In addition we have a brand new unpublished video. The emphasis here is on great, creative teaching ideas with low cost or even ‘no cost’ resources. Why not put up a shopping list at your school […]

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