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Loose Parts Play is Awe Inspiring

By Emily Rowe, Teacher and  Forest Schools Practitioner Watching children engrossed in play is awe-inspiring. I often wish I could find a way back into their world, joining them on their exploration as they forage for food in the rainforest,

Play in schools is flawed

Play in schools is flawed

Loosely Speaking (Play in schools is flawed) Written by Andy Carley, Director of SOuL I typically visit more than 50 schools per year to advise on and find solutions for their outdoor play and learning provision. More and more at

Children learning outside

Building Character Using the ‘Habits of Mind’ Framework

Do your students give up easily? Do your students interrupt you and each other? Do your students blurt out answers before thinking?

The 16 ‘Habits of Mind’ from Art Costa represent, in our view, an excellent framework for a range of attitudes, behaviours and practices that can be extremely useful for teachers and students to adopt. According to the framework the three questions above would suggest the students need to learn to persist, to listen with understanding and empathy and to manage their impulsivity.

Growth mindset and outdoor learning

Using Outdoor Learning to Encourage A Growth Mindset

So to briefly recap on the work of Dweck in the context of school learning.

Of our two mind-sets ‘growth’ or ‘fixed’ what we are firstly aiming to do as educators is raise self awareness in our pupils as to which one they unconsciously adopt when facing difficulty.

Do they say “I can’t do it” and give up easily?

The fixed mind-set is wedded the belief that you can either do things or not. You’re ether ‘good at this’ on a first attempt or not.We should therefore do the stuff we’re naturally good at and avoid the rest.

Stick man and outdoor learning

Stick Man Activities

Here’s an idea for WorldBookDay, a perfect way to link a great book character with outdoor learning and the natural environment without the added parental pressure of children dressing up.